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Updated: Nov 8, 2019

My Solo Exhibition and After. A huge success in many ways...

Success Number One

Well, I’m very pleased to announce that my first Solo Art Exhibition last month was a great success. ‘Nature’s Magic’ Out of the Web and Onto the Walls! I exhibited many paintings from my Nature’s Energies Collection, including seascapes, landscapes, Spirit Animals and flowers.

At the show I sold paintings and prints, met so many lovely people and received such positive feedback. So if you came Thank You so much!

Success Number Two

It was a great experience all round; a real confidence booster. Not bad for someone who, a few years ago, didn’t even want a window in the kitchen in case someone outside walked by and saw me cooking!

I have had social anxiety for a lot of my life but I think I cope much better with it now. I like to think I’m better. I’ve learnt strategies and coping mechanisms but I still have moments that make me terrified. Becoming an artist has been so helpful; a creative outlet. I create my works at home, at my table in my living room. On my own (most of the time!)

However, in order to sell and promote what I do, I must get out there. (See my first art blog). If I want people to view my work and for my work to reach people, I have to push myself out into the public view, which was very scary to deal with at first, but it has got easier.

My first ‘Selfie’ post on Instagram was nerve-wracking to say the least and took me nearly two years to do after I first joined!

Writing and talking about it is supposed to help and this is the first time that I’ve written about it and I haven’t really liked to talk about it at all. Hmm.

All of this is good, helpful stuff. Creating can be at times meditational for me or a complete emotional release (the whole range of them!). It is magical. Due to my subject matter, I spend a lot of time in nature which is healing in itself. Nature is a giver; a life giver.

Ok so that’s that.

And Now

I’ve taken my latest inspiration from moths and have become a bit obsessed. They are such incredible, beautiful creatures. I’ve only recently discovered the Hummingbird Hawk moth which is so fascinating and gorgeous that I had to paint it and show it at my exhibition.

Hummingbird Hawkmoth painting at my exhibition.

I’ve also painted small Magpie moths and have just finished a Ruby Tiger Moth.

It is so important for me to get the texture right on these moths. For example the Ruby Tiger has a furry body and beautiful velvety wings. I used many shades of warm reds and brown for the head and body to create this and many layers of red, with hints of purple and blue for the wings. To me the Ruby Tiger looks as though it wears a wonderful cloak of fur and velvet. I wish I had one like that. I would wear it all the time!

Ruby Tiger Moth acrylic painting.

I use Open Golden acrylic paints for the glorious colours and the juiciness and luminosity that they bring to a work. I can re-work areas and create texture with layers and different marks in the paint such as in the green, leafy background of my Ruby Tiger Moth painting and in many of my acrylic works. Have a look at some more of my acrylic paintings available on my website.

Until next time Sue X

If you want to know more about my Art Realms, or have a question then please don't hesitate to contact me.

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